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Greetings from sunny California 🌴! We're EXHLAB INC., a passionate team driven by innovation and a deep sense of purpose. Under the guidance of our inspiring leader, Arayik Danghyan, we're not just dabbling in energy research; we're on a mission to shape its future. Merging time-tested research methods with the latest in AI and machine learning, we're excited about the new horizons we're exploring in the energy world.

Leadership at EXHLAB

Arayik Danghyan

CEO and Lead Scientist

A visionary in the truest sense, Arayik Danghyan founded EXHLAB with a singular goal: to revolutionize the energy sector. His leadership has been instrumental in our trailblazing research endeavors.

Edgar Mkrtchyan

Team Lead and Research Scientist

As Team Lead and a contributing Research Scientist, Edgar Mkrtchyan uses his Agile and Design Thinking expertise to actively support our team's innovative research in clean energy.

Babken Danghyan

Research Scientist (Computational)

Specializing in computational research, Babken Danghyan adeptly addresses the intricate challenges associated with LENR, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Daniela Rival

Scientific Translator

Daniela Rival plays a crucial role in bridging our research with the global community, ensuring that our findings are lucidly communicated to collaborators, stakeholders, and the wider public.

Our Vision

Our vision is not confined to mere scientific exploration. We are steadfast in our commitment to a carbon-neutral future. By meticulously studying atomic and subatomic interactions, with a keen focus on the hydrogen atom within LENR, we are inching closer to unveiling a transformative green energy solution.

Potential & Promise

The intricate states of the hydrogen atom are poised to play a pivotal role in the energy systems of the future. Our advanced models elucidate the transition from harnessing hydrogen to liberating energy through atomic shifts, underscoring the vast potential that awaits.

The Road Ahead

Our journey, replete with milestones, is an ongoing one. The path ahead, while challenging, is rife with opportunities for novel discoveries. As we deepen our foray into quantum physics and the validation of the M2 equation, we are actively seeking collaboration with experts who share our vision.

Embark on this transformative journey with us. Let's collaboratively unravel atomic complexities, champion a sustainable future, and architect the energy blueprints for the next generation.

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